I would like to welcome you to our company, where from this point on, we will be sowing the seeds for a long future.

“It is our pleasure to have met you in this life”

Marta Moncho Piñol

Excellent Nutrients

Range of Products

The Excellent Nutrients formulas are the most innovative on the market, as all products are developed in the laboratory using the most advanced biochemistry, such as technology for high nutrients assimilation, and microemulsion techniques for preserving the properties of natural extracts.
In addition, we include organic molecules in the formulas that are highly recognisable to the plants, so that they can incorporate the nutrients without using up any energy.

Bryonia Range

An ecological range composed of 14 products for plant nutrition and natural, fortifying protection.

Bryo Protectors

Bioinsecticides and Fungicides originally from vegetable and mineral extracts, with zero residue agriculture.