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Excellent Nutrients

Range of Products

The Excellent Nutrients formulas are the most innovative on the market, as all products are developed using the most advanced biochemistry, including technology that guarantees high nutrient assimilation and micro-emulsion techniques that preserve the properties of natural extracts.
Additionally, we use organic molecules that are highly recognisable to the plants, which allow the plant to incorporate the nutrients with minimal energetic cost.

Bryonia Range

An ecological range composed of 14 products for plant nutrition and natural, fortifying protection.

Bryo Protectors

Bioinsecticides and fungicides created from vegetable and mineral extracts, with zero agricultural residue.

The Excellent Nutrients products have been made with the most advanced technologies and using the best ingredients. Our objective is to develop the best products on the market.

One of the most important goals of developing a product is ensuring that it will be absorbed by the plant. Excellent Nutrients has worked specifically to ensure absorption of our products, which differentiates us from other companies in the market.

The product can be applied to radicle and foliar parts of the plant. The application and efficacy of plant absorption of the Excellent Nutrients products are explained below.

Radicular Absorption

When a nutritional contribution is made through irrigation, the nutrients (salts) are only a few centimeters from the surface. While the nutrients remain inside the wet bulb, however, the plant roots extend far below the surface, thus the majority of the nutrients are not absorbed and, over time, they accumulate or leach.

The Excellent Nutrients products are enriched with organic matter, algae and other compounds that improve the quality of the soil, increasing the soil’s sponginess, which subsequently allows for an easier nutrient flow.

The nutrients are spread throughout the soil and maintained there to prevent leaching. In addition, the Excellent Nutrients products contain complexing agents that facilitate nutrient absorption from the soil. Therefore, the nutrients distributed through the soil are fully available for the plant’s use.

Foliar Absorption

Traditional products carry cationic nutrients, which are molecules that have a positive charge. Since cuticle of the leaf has a negative charge, when the cations contact the cuticle of the leaf, the attraction between the two parts immobilises the nutrients.

Therefore, these nutrients remain on the outside of the leaf and their absorption is greatly hindered. In contrast, the products made by Excellent Nutrients include complexing agents that attach to the nutrients (positive charge) and neutralise the charge of the molecule. This detail is vitally important because with the neutral charge the nutrient does not react with the cuticle and the absorption proceeds optimally. Once the nutrient is inside the leaf, the complexing agent dissociates and the nutrient is released to be used by the plant.